Flight 370: Alien Abduction

We don't believe in UFOs. But when a 209 foot, 300-ton plane full of people goes missing without a trace, we're starting to reconsider.

The weather the night of Flight 370's disappearance was calm. The plane was one of the safest to have ever flown. The pilots were experienced. The terrain was flat as the flight is over water. No distress calls were made, no terrorist groups have taken credit. We're stumped.

UFOs have been spotted in every nation. One night in 1978, an Australian aviator radioed to Air Traffic Control that a UFO was flying just above him. He was never heard from again.

Q. Why would aliens sieze a 777?
A. A 777 in flight is the pinnacle of our technological achievement. When in flight, it comes with over 300 humans to examine.

Q. Why would they sieze it at night?
A. Over water, under cover of darkness, an UFO would draw less attention.

Q. Where is the plane now?
A. Potentially very far away.


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